Training Groups

Training Groups

Jeff Galloway’s Training Programs – Getting you to the finish line injury-free!

See city links below to register online now! We also have an individual “E-Coaching” program for those unable to run with these city groups.

Check out our Google calendar for details on Galloway events in your area: Click here

City Program Contact Next Start Date Register
Anchorage Half-marathon Tammy Morton/Nicole Jones-Vogel 5/13/2017 Register
Fairbanks 5K Nettie La Belle-Hamer 2/2/2019 Register
East Valley Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k Mindy Przeor Year Round Register
Fort Smith Half-marathon Deanna Eubanks 1/7/2018 Register
Long Beach Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k Kelley Tenny 11/10/2018 Register
Sonoma County Getting Started (5k/10k), Half-marathon, Marathon, Trail Running, Walking Al and Anna Myers 11/7/2018, 11/17/2018 Register
Sonoma County

Galloway Personal Training

Al and Anna Myers ongoing Register
Ventura Getting Started 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon Cheri Whitt & Carol Wolfgang  12/15/2018, 3/16/2019 Register
Denver Marathon, Half-marathon Mike Costas 4/28/2018 Register
Hartford Half-marathon, 10K, Getting Started 5K Nicole Schreier Register
Washington Half Marathon, Marathon, & Fitness Walkers Floyd Crawford & Mark Parrotte 11/10/2018 Register
Amelia Island Marathon, Half Marathon Mike and Dawn Hagel Register
Daytona Beach Marathon/Half Marathon Juan Guevara 5/12/2018 Register
Delray Beach Getting Started, 5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, Year-round Chrissy Matheney 2/22/2018 Register
Englewood Half Marathon, Getting Started Tina Elkins Register
Estero (Fit2Run) Half Marathon, Getting Started, Marathon Katie Dunwiddie Ongoing Register
Ft. Lauderdale Marathon, Half Marathon Eric Schweitzer 8/12/2017 Register
Gainesville 5K, Half-Marathon & Marathon Elizabeth Hanselman 4/13/2019 Register
Gainesville (Fit2Run) 5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon Natalie Carpenter Ongoing Register
Jacksonville Year-Round, Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started JaxTraining Ongoing Register
Lakeland Marathon, Half Marathon Rebecca Maglischo 5/26/2018 Register
Miami – (Dolphin Mall) Fit2Run Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Jimmy Wheeler Ongoing Register
Naples (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Katie Dunwiddie Ongoing Register
Navarre Getting Started Maggie Roberts TBA Register
Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon Kerrie Gregory 6/2/2018 Register
Orlando/Disney Springs (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon Sara Wallett Ongoing Register
Palm Beach Half Marathon Lisa Reiss 8/26/2017 Register
Palm Coast Half-marathon, Getting Started (5K) Sharon Jackson TBA Register
Santa Rosa Beach 5K Getting Started Darla Ogle 1/3/2019 Register
Sarasota Downtown (Fit2Run) Half Marathon, 5K/10K Montana Ross Ongoing Register
Sarasota UTC (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Judi Knowles Ongoing Register
Space Coast Marathon, Half Marathon Kate Dermody 6/10/2018, 8/11/2018, 8/12/2018 Register
St Petersburg (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Gabe Albaladejo Ongoing Register
Stuart Marathon, Half Marathon Jennifer Lieber 11/5/2016 Register
St. Augustine Getting Started 5K, Marathon & Half Marathon Heather Proffitt 11/10/2018 Register
Tampa Marathon, Half Marathon Melanie Redding 5/20/2018 Register
Tampa (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Abby Sims Ongoing Register
Wellington (Fit2Run) Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Brenda Browning Ongoing Register
Athens Half-marathon, Getting Started Carol Lively Register
Albany Marathon, Half Marathon Adrienne Leigh 8/18/2018 Register
Atlanta Half Marathon Lois Thigpen 1/5/2019 Register
Atlanta Marathon Lindsay Isaacs 4/13/2019 Register
Atlanta 10K Ladell Williams 4/28/2018 Register
Atlanta Speed Training Ladell Williams & Cara Gardner 10/20/2018 Register
Atlanta Walkers Only Monica Mulholland 9/8/2018 Register
Golden Isles Marathon & Half Marathon Ashton Earnhardt 12/31/2016 Register
Boise 5K, 10K & Half-Marathon Louise Seeley 1/30/2019 Register
Valparaiso Marathon & Half Marathon Ed Burns 3/17/2018 Register
Lawrence Getting Started, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon J Jenkins 1/5/2019 Register
Kansas City Half-Marathon & Marathon J Jenkins 1/5/2019 Register
Richmond Marathon, Half-Marathon Dave Wallace TBA
Baltimore Marathon, Half Marathon Karen Levin 5/26/2018 Register
Montgomery County Marathon, Half-marathon, Fitness Walking Kathryn Winsberg 4/4/2018 Register
Detroit 10K & Half Marathon Jim Weller  6/13/2018 Register
Duluth Half-Marathon Melinda Marble 7/16/2016 Register
Hattiesburg Getting Started 5k, Half-marathon Anita Davis 4/16/2016, 8/20/2016, 1/21/2017 Register
Springfield Marathon, Half-marathon Zoe Cofer 4/24/2018 Register
St. Joseph Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K/10K J. Jenkins 1/5/2019 Register
St. Louis Half-marathon Scott Wolosyk 2/16/2019 Register
St. Louis Galloway Personal Training Scott Wolosyk ongoing Register
Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon Pam Gardiner & Teresa Nichols 1/13/2019 & 2/17/2019 Register
Flathead Valley Getting Started Ann Bourassa Register
Lincoln Half Marathon & Marathon Jeremy P Murphy 8/1/2016 Register
New Jersey
Jersey Shore 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon Mark Van Sant 1/5/2019 Register
New York
Buffalo 8K Training Megan Nelson 9/17/2018 Register
Buffalo Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started (5k) Megan Nelson 12/15/2018, 2/16/2018 Register
Long Island Beginner to 10K , Half Marathon, Year-Round Hilary Topper 10/28/2018 Register
New York Marathon, Half Marathon Joel Lowy 5/1/2018 Register
North Carolina
Charlotte Marathon, Half-marathon John Lineberger 12/8/2018 & 12/15/2018 Register
Raleigh Marathon Ron Wahula 1/5/2019 Register
Cincinnati Marathon, Half Marathon Suzelle Snowden 11/17/2018 Register
Dayton 5K, 10K, Marathon, Half Marathon David Hardwick 2/23/2019 Register
Tulsa 5K, Marathon, Half-marathon & Year-round Maurine Dobson 12/1/2018 Register
Philadelphia / Valley Forge Marathon, Half-marathon, 10K, Walker half-marathon Thomas O’Donnell 5/4/2019 & 8/10/2019 Register
Pittsburgh Marathon, Half Marathon Katie Pavlich 8/19/2018 Register
York County Half Marathon, 10K, & 5K Janelle Coolbaugh 1/19/2019 Register
Puerto Rico
San Juan Marathon, Half Marathon, & 5K Matt Marques Ongoing Register
Rhode Island
Newport Marathon, Half Marathon Charlotte Armstrong 4/28/2018 Register
South Carolina
Columbia Getting Started, Marathon, Half-marathon Dave Hale Register
Greenville Half Marathon Brandy Mauldin Register
Nashville Marathon, Half Marathon, Year Round Carol Hough 1/5/2019 Register
Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, Year-Round Will Carlson 10/7/2018 Register
Dallas Marathon, Half-marathon Shannah and Kelly Hayley 6/1/2019 Register
El Paso Half-marathon & Marathon Ofelia Dominguez & Stefnie Gintz 8/16/2018 Register
Ft Worth Marathon, Half-marathon Bev Hope 1/5/2019 & 1/8/2019 Register
Houston Marathon Lisa Earehart & Kristen Koudelka 6/3/2017 Register
The Woodlands Half-marathon, Fitness Walkers Molly Field-Stout 8/4/2018, 11/10/2018 Register
Katy Half Marathon Melanie Butler 9/30/2017 Register
Salt Lake City Half Marathon Kathy Mukhopadhyay 6/16/2018 Register
Greater South Hampton Roads Year-round Training for all distances Charlie Surran Year Round Register
Richmond Half-marathon Cheryl Groce-Wright TBA
Tacoma Half-marathon, 5k, 10k Bret Bellevue 1/26/2019 Register
Renton 10K Susan Wade 5/22/2017 Register
Bonney Lake Half Marathon Gina Rittenhouse 1/27/2018 Register
Marysville Marathon Tory Klementsen 1/5/2019 Register
Milwaukee Getting Started (5k & 2 mile) Donna Brown TBA
Maple Ridge, BC Year-Round Training including Half Marathon, 5k, 10k Ingrid Jamault 11/1/2016 Register
Cesena Marathon, Half Marathon Silvia Luna
Milan Marathon, Half Marathon Angela Weaver
Vicenza Marathon, Half Marathon Matteo Mastrovita
Koblenz Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Ute Simon-Adorf
Ramat-Ha’Sharon Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Gila Alter
Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Wade & Louise Norrie