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Jeff Galloway’s Training Programs – Getting you to the finish line injury-free!

See city links below to register online now! We also have an individual ”E-Coaching” program for those unable to run with these city groups.

Check out our Google calendar for details on Galloway events in your area: Click Here


City Program Contact Next Start Date Register
Auburn Marathon, Half Marathon   Register
Birmingham Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Kimberly Oehrlein 05/19 Register
Anchorage Half-marathon Gregg Olson 2/21 Register
East Valley (Chandler/Mesa) Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Mindy Przeor 11/15, 12/13 Register
Phoenix / Scottsdale / Tempe Marathon, Half Marathon Register
Tucson Marathon, Half Marathon Peter Trefen 7/9 Register
Inland Empire Half-marathon Ken Itahara 5/24 Register
Long Beach Marathon, Half-marathon, 5k, 10k Kelley Tenny 5/16 Register
Newbury Park 5k, 10k Thea Shoemaker 10/4 Register
Orange County Getting Started (5k), 10k Kelley Tenny 5/11 Register
San Luis Obispo Marathon, Half-marathon Patty Van Belleghem 1/4 Register
Sonoma County Getting Started (5k), Half marathon Debbie Ervin 1/17, 1/21 Register
Ventura County Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Vera Lordan 2/12 Register
Walnut Creek Half-marathon Dennis Lucey 3/28 Register
Denver Marathon Mike Costas 3/28 Register
Durango 50k, Marathon, 25k, Half-Marathon Natalie Gagnon, Nancy Robinson 6/22 Register
Washington Getting Started (5k, 10K), Marathon, Half Marathon, Fitness Walkers Liza Clark, Floyd Crawford 7/8 Register
Amelia Island Marathon, Half Marathon, 15K, Strong and Speedy Summer Mike and Dawn Hagel 4/11, 7/25 Register
Davie Getting Started Eric Schweitzer 6/8 Register
Daytona Beach Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Trish Kabus 5/9 Register
Destin Getting Started, 10-Mile, Half-Marathon, Marathon Wendy Moen 10/19 Register
Ft. Lauderdale Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Sonja Timmer, Peggy Rosier 4/4, 6/6 Register
Gainesville Half-Marathon, Marathon, Walking Elizabeth Hanselman 11/1 Register
Jacksonville Year-Round, Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Chris Twiggs, Amanda Napoiltano, Connie Smith, Dennis Holler 5/23, 7/11, 9/5, 10/24, 1/2 Register
Lakeland Marathon, Half Marathon Sarah Kozul 4/18 Register
Miami Marathon, Half Marathon Jennifer Johnson 10/19 Register
Navarre Getting Started Maggi Roberts 9/2 Register
Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon Laura Williams 6/6, 10/3 Register
Palm Beach Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Lisa Reiss 7/25, 10/31 Register
Palm Coast Half-marathon, Getting Started (5K) Sharon Jackson 5/13 Register
Pensacola Marathon, Half marathon, Getting Started Jackie Brown First Run 8/4/12 Register
Sarasota Half Marathon Kim Collister 8/3 Register
Space Coast Marathon, Half Marathon April Schick 6/13, 8/15 Register
St. Augustine Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Carolyn Mudgette 5/30, 8/1 Register
Stuart Half Marathon Christy Lopez 6/7 Register
Tallahassee Getting Started (5K) Tony Conticello 2/13 Register
Tampa Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 10 Miler Melanie Redding and Sheila Bakken 6/03 Register
Albany Marathon, Half Marathon Chuck Knight 8/16 Register
Athens Marathon, Half Marathon Carol Lively 9/10 Register
Atlanta Half Marathon Lois Thigpen 1/10 Register
Atlanta Walkers Only Monica Muholland 3/7 Register
Atlanta Marathon Scott Killebrew, Lindsay Isaacs 4/18 Register
Atlanta 10K Carol Sheer 4/11 Register
Atlanta Weeknight Training with Getting Started Brenda Hurley 3/30 Register
Columbus Marathon, Half Marathon, Year-Round Shelly Dinkin  5/17, 7/26 Register
Honolulu Half-marathon Jennifer McCormick 6/8 Register
Boise 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon Louise Seeley, Becky Lee 3/7 Register
Naperville Getting Started (5K), Half-marathon Glen Kaminski 5/23, 7/25 Register
South Bend Half-Marathon Roy Wirtz Register
Valparaiso Marathon Ed Burns 4/18 Register
Des Moines Marathon, Half-Marathon, Getting Started, 5K Chris Burch 5/24 Register
Lawrence Getting Started, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon J Jenkins 1/03, 1/04, 3/28, 3/29, 7/11, 7/12 Register
Richmond Marathon, Half-Marathon Dave Wallace TBA Register
Baltimore Marathon, Half Marathon Karen Levin 5/30 Register
Montgomery County Half-marathon, Fitness Walking Linda Tabach, Kathryn Winsberg 4/2 Register
Falmouth Half Marathon Judy Watkins TBA Register
West Newton Getting Started (5K), Half-marathon Allison Radzewicz 3/21, 6/13 Register
Grand Rapids 10K, 25K, Marathon Doug Haverkamp  1/4 Register
Duluth Half-Marathon Melinda Marble 3/21, 7/11 Register
Minneapolis Getting Started, 5k, Half-Marathon, Marathon Erica Wallace 1/10, 3/7, 7/18 Register
Rochester Marathon/Half Marathon Paul Gossett 3/25/13 Register
Springfield Marathon, Half-marathon Zoe Cofer 4/25 Register
Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon Pam Gardiner 1/26 Register
New Jersey
Atlantic City Half-marathon Laurie Shanderson and Nadine Mims 6/8 Register
Sussex County Getting Started (5K) Gary Rieger 2/28 Register
New Mexico
Albuquerque Half Marathon, Getting Started (5K) Don and Martha Porter 6/22 Register
Southeast, NM Marathon, Half Marathon Tom Winters 4/13 Register
New York
New York Marathon, Half Marathon Joel Lowy 5/9 Register
North Carolina
Asheville Half Marathon, 10 Mile, 5K Ana Lindberg TBA Register
Charlotte Marathon, Half Marathon John Lineberger 5/2, 5/9 Register
Raleigh Marathon Ron Wahula 5/30 Register
Cincinnati Marathon, Half Marathon, Year-Round Suzelle Snowden 10/26 Register
Dayton Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, 10K David Hardwick 3/28 Register
Ardmore Getting Started (5K) Sandra Wells 9/16 Register
Lake Oswego 5k/10k, Year-round Mikel Smith Register
Portland Marathon, Half Marathon Susan Asam 3/19, 6/19, 10/15 Register
Philadelphia / Valley Forge Marathon, Half-marathon, 10k Thomas O’Donnell 5/2 Register
Pittsburgh Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K Katie Pavlich 11/1, 1/24 Register
Stroudsburg Getting Started (5K) Trish D’Imperio, Stacey Bardonnex 2/27 Register
Puerto Rico
Guaynabo Marathon Jaime Molina 2/23 Register
Rhode Island
Newport Marathon, Half Marathon Charlotte Armstrong 5/2 Register
South Carolina
Charleston Getting Started (5K), 10K, Half Marathon Amanda Chaloupka
12/6 Register
Columbia Getting Started, Marathon, Half-marathon Dave Hale 6/1, 7/22, 8/22, 9/21 Register
Greenville Marathon, Half Marathon Brandy Mauldin 1/3 Register
Nashville Marathon/Half Marathon/Year-round Carol Hough 5/3 Register
Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started, Year-Round Will Carlson 3/14, 5/17, 5/23, 8/1, 8/16, 10/18 Register
Boerne marathon, Half Marathon Alyssa Mantooth 6/9, 7/21 Register
Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon Shannah and Kelly Hayley 5/30 Register
Houston Marathon, Half Marathon Lisa Earehart 5/24, 8/16, 11/1 Register
Killeen/Ft. Hood 5k, Half-Marathon Ashley Lunde 11/9 Register
New Braunfels Marathon, Half Marathon 6/15 7/7 Register
Temple/Scott & White Marathon, Half Marathon Kevin Francis 8/2 Register
The Woodlands Marathon, Half Marathon, Fitness Walkers Molly Field-Stout & Levitia Simmons 8/2, 11/1 Register
Waco Marathon, Half Marathon Kerri Kretzmeier 4/18 Register
Katy Marathon, Half Marathon Joanie Montgomery 6/13, 9/13 Register
Salt Lake City Marathon, Half Marathon Kathy Mukhopadhyay 2/28, 6/6 Register
Burlington Marathon Rose Bergeron 4/7 Register
Williston Getting Started (5K) Kathy Williams 5/1 Register
Alexandria/Arlington marathon, Half Marathon, Fitness Walkers Liza Clark, Robyn Gritz 3/28 Register
Greater South Hampton Roads Year-Round Training Charlie Surran ongoing Register
Richmond Half-marathon Cheryl Groce-Wright 1/28 Register
Virginia Beach Marathon Robin Snaden 4/21 Register
Tacoma Half-marathon, 5k, 10k Bret Bellevue 9/12 Register
Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco) Getting Started Holly Boyce 1/25 Register
University Place Getting Started (5K) Rose Coates 1/8 Register
Milwaukee Getting Started (5k & 2 mile) Donna Brown 5/17 Register
Marathon, Half Marathon email for info
Cesena Marathon, Half Marathon Silvia Luna
Milan Marathon, Half Marathon Angela Weaver
Vicenza Marathon, Half Marathon Matteo Mastrovita
Koblenz Marathon, Half Marathon, Getting Started Ute Simon-Adorf
St Albert/Morinville, AB Calli Stromner Register
Surrey, BC Marathon, Half Marathon, Year -round Tony Rotheram 1/7, 6/9 Register
Ramat-Ha’Sharon Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Gila Alter


Magic Mile Testimonials
When I joined the Galloway Training Program the magic mile determined the correct group to train with. At age 54 I completed the Atlanta Marathon at my predicted goal pace of 4:58:38.
Michael, Atlanta
Magic Mile Testimonials
My 6:34 magic mile time predicts my 10k (46:34) and 13.1 (1:42:54) PRs exactly. It provides realistic goals, provided you do the training.
Frank, North Carolina