Ready to improve your running this year?

It is common in the start of a new year to look at all areas of your life that you want to improve. And for us runners, our running performance is always a part of that. But, there is one key that many people miss and this could be the key that keeps you from achieving that goal to improve. 

Make a Plan

I have hd the chance to talk to thousands of runners who have had years of training yet couldn’t seem to improve on a consistent basis. The one commonality that they all had was that they failed to make a plan before hand. They did their speed training, completed their long runs, but did so without writing anything down or calendaring their runs and/or results to ensure regularity. Then when looking back, the one season they improved 10, 20 or even 30 minutes on a marathon, they had a plan to show for it.

First, determine your primary goal for improvement. Then set out to either create a plan for yourself or find a pre-made plan that works for you and the goal you want to achieve.

This will organize your days ahead so that you know exactly what need to be done. Get more support with creating your year long plan with my book Running: A Year Long Plan.

In this book you will not only receive some structured plans but also motivational tips, as well as suggestions on how to increase your running enjoyment while working towards your goal.

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