Most runners collect a closet full of bargain shoes until they find a real running store. The good advice of a trained staff can cut through the conflicting information, match you up with current helpful technology, and help you find a shoe that becomes an extension of your foot.

If you can’t find a running specialty store, the following procedure will help you sift through the maze of running shoes. It’s not as good as getting the advice of a running specialty store (like Phidippides), but if you follow the steps below and use your best instincts, you’re more likely to choose a shoe that will work for you. You’ll also save time instead of listening to the pitch of commission-driven sales people, or high school kids, at stores that sell all types of sport shoes.

  • Bring with you, your worn shoes, the socks you use, foot devices, etc. A good shoe expert can “read” the wear pattern on your shoes, which is the best indicator of how your foot functions.
  • You’re in Charge. You are the only one who can feel how the shoe works on your foot. Don’t let anyone tell you that a specific shoe is the shoe for you if another shoe seems to feel better as you run or feels more natural on your foot.
  • Be prepared to spend a little time. By spending at least 45 minutes (if you need it), you’ll be more likely to try out the various shoe choices.
  • Tell your shoe expert the terrain of your routes, your running schedule, injuries and goals in the next six months, etc.
  • Run in each shoe. While the input is beneficial from knowledgeable staff persons, you are still the person who will make the decision.

The bottom line: which one works best when you run?

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