• Take control of your training by inserting rest before it is needed
  • When doing a challenging workout, stay below the threshold of irritation of weak links
  • Use walk breaks, earlier and more often as the years go on
  • Replace shoes before they are worn out – alternate 2-3 shoes
  • Avoid saturated fat and trans fat in your diet
  • Eat small meals every 2-3 hours
  • Use your training journal – plan ahead, record, adjust
  • Insert rest and slow down – before you are forced to do so
  • Keep muscles/tendons active and resilient by walking and massage (self massage most often)
  • Have a running project every week – scenic or social run, race, trail, etc.
  • Write your running book in your training journal
  • When you’re unsure about your running  technique, run easier
  • Be positive

The key to running until you’re 100 or so, is to maintain good health and nutrition, stay within your capabilities, and exercise regularly enough to maintain the adaptation you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Bu putting into action the age appropriate suggestions in the book, “Running Until You’re 100”.

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