Let’s be honest–winter safety concerns increase when we are forced to exercise in the dark—and many just give up. I’m happy to report that technology has dramatically reduced the risks so we can get our endorphins all winter. Get geared up now and safely maintain the fitness you worked so hard to achieve this summer…  

  • If you like to listen to audio while you exercise – you’ll love AfterShokz! AfterShokz wireless headphones have an open-ear design so that you can enjoy your favorite audio and stay aware of possible hazards like traffic, wildlife, and pedestrians. Additionally, AfterShokz are the perfect companion for group settings as you can still enjoy your audio and leave your ears open for conversation. Unlike traditional over-the-ear or in-ear headphones, AfterShokz fit everyone and are a more comfortable lightweight option for all-day wear. You can find AfterShokz here!
  • Get reflective gear on your head, the front of your clothing, and your backside. Quite a few serious winter accidents occur because drivers did not see the runners or walkers.
  • Join a group for visibility and support. Our Galloway training groups tend to grow during the winter. Not only is a group more visible to motorists, but you’ll also be more motivated to exercise when the group is there. Find your local training group here!
  • Carry your cell phone. This seems obvious, but a surprising percentage of accident victims can’t ask for help after an incident because they forgot their phone.

So even in the dark, you can be safe. Keep moving!

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