Guest Blogger: Chris Twiggs Galloway Training Director, International Program Director, Galloway Training Programs 

The key to being “marathon ready” is the long run. The best prepared marathoners have run a long run of at least 26 miles 3 or 4 weeks before the marathon. We have many runners in Galloway Training Programs, Jeff Galloway’s e-coaching, or Galloway Customized Training Plans who are in the “Marathon a Month Club,” an unofficial group of runners who, like Jeff himself, run a marathon every month. If one of them has to skip a month, we have them run a 26 mile long run on their own or with their friends doing part or all of it with them. The important thing to remember, aside from getting in the distance, is that these runs need to be at least 2 minutes per mile slower than they could be run on the same day in a “go for it” race situation. If any of the runs, be they training 26 milers or an actual race, is run faster than the 2 minute per mile cushion, extra recovery will be needed before targeting another race. Also, note that the long run once a month prepares the runner to finish a marathon feeling strong and looking good, but it does not guarantee a fast time. If there is a time goal attached to the race, additional tempo runs and speed work are needed. Refer to Jeff Galloway’s books RUNNING: A YEAR ROUND PLAN and MARATHON: YOU CAN DO IT for more details.

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