By inserting short run segments into a walk, many walkers can pick up their pace and get to the finish line before officials shut it down. The gradual placement of run breaks will also allow the body to adapt to gentle running.

It is fine to walk exclusively during most of the long workouts leading to the race on the calendar. Many who have used this program, however, like to use short run breaks of 5 seconds every 2 minutes during the last 5-7 miles of the last 2-3 long ones.

The long walks should be done every 2-3 weeks. On the alternate weekends, walk 3-6 miles using the Run-Walk-Run strategy of choice, timing yourself on each mile to ensure that you can maintain closing pace for the race without huffing and puffing. As a reference, see GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS.

During the run segment, keep feet low to the ground and touch lightly with the feet. For More information see THE RUN-WALK-RUN METHOD.

One day a week, walk for 60 minutes. After a 10-minute walk, try various walk/run/walk segments such as the following:

Walk 55 seconds/run 5 seconds

Walk 50 seconds/run 10 seconds

Walk 25 seconds/run 5 seconds

Walk 30 seconds/run 7 seconds

Walk 25 seconds/run 4 seconds

Or choose the strategy of your choice.

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