After reading the studies in the book “Fit Kids, Smarter Kids“ on the researched benefits of exercise, it is shown that many sedentary citizens have become smart by rising off the couch and exercising. Smart parents have introduced their kids to the joy of exercise because they want to help their children prepare for life in the best way, while having productive fun. The evidence is overwhelming that a few minutes of exercise each day will make one feel better, think better, enjoy life more, perform better, and very possibly help you earn more money. The book lists a number of studies that show how exercise promotes continual series of behavioral changes that help kids be more successful in school and in life.

It is clear that our kids are getting fatter in dramatic numbers. The research shows that obese kids don’t do as well in school, become obese adults, earn less money, and dramatically increase the health care costs for all of us. Exercise and healthy eating can give kids and adults control over obesity. For most citizens, the choice is simple: insert minimal exercise into your day, and eat healthier food, or get fatter and experience more health problems each year.

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