Endurance is the top benefit of running. As the long runs surpass 3 miles, 6 miles and beyond, overall stamina in life improves as does the mental toughness to deal with adversity in other areas of life.

Many internal circuits are switched “on” when we push back our current endurance limit. Research is now showing that long runs provide significant long-term health benefits:

  • More blood capillaries develop in the exercising muscles for better delivery of oxygen
  • The heart becomes more efficient
  • Oxygen delivery is enhanced in lungs and blood system
  • Mitochondria in muscle cells adapt to be better fat-burners
  • Bones are either strengthened or don’t tend to lose density
  • Lower legs develop a smoother motion
  • Feet adapt to regular forward motions exercise
  • Frontal lobe solves problems, finds resources, stays active and sharp
  • Mental health: Runners tend to have a positive outlook and less depression
  • Energy circuits are activated
  • Joints adapt – runners have fewer orthopedic problems

For every hour you run, you statistically extend your life by 2-3 hours.

Let’s run ourselves into better health as the years go by.

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