What to wear as it gets colder (in Fahrenheit)

  • 60° +: tank top, singlet or T-shirt and shorts
  • 50-59°: T-shirt and shorts
  • 40-49°: long sleeved T, shorts or tights or wind pants, sock or mittens and gloves
  • 30-39° : long sleeved T and T-shirt, tights and shorts, socks or mittens or gloves, and hat over ears
  • 20-29°: Polypro top or thick long sleeved T, another T-shirt layer, tights and shorts, mittens or gloves, and hat over ears.
  • 10-19 °: Polypro top and thick long long sleeved T, tights and shorts, wind suit (top and pants), thick mitten, thick hat over ears.
  • 0-9°: Two polypro tops, thick tights and shorts (and thick underwear or supporter for men), Gore-Tex or similar thickness warm-up, gloves and thick mittens, ski mask and hat over ears, and Vaseline covering any exposed skin.
  • minus 15 to minus 1: Two thick Polypro tops, tights and thick polypro tights and thick underwear (and supporter for men), thick warm-up, gloves, thick (arctic) ski mask and thick hat over ears, Vaseline covering any exposed skin, thicker socks on feet and other measures for feet, as needed.
  • minus 20 and below: Add layers as needed. Stay in touch with the outdoor and ski shops for the warmest clothing which is thin. Watch your feet. There are some socks which heat up…and other innovations.

Note: There are only recommendations; use the combination of layers which works best for you.

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