Long Run/Walk Facts:

  • Twenty miles with walking breaks (or shuffle breaks) equals 20 miles run continuously… at any speed (but you recover faster with walk breaks).
  • Forget about speed on the long ones. Focus only on the component of endurance.
  • You can’t run/walk too slowly on the long ones. Go at least two minutes per mile slower than you could run that distance on that day, accounting for heat, humidity, etc. Note: Walkers should walk very comfortably.
  • You won’t usually feel bad when you’re walking/running too fast at the beginning so you must force yourself to slow down.
  • The day before the long one should be a no-exercise day.

Walk Breaks or Shuffle Breaks on Long Ones:

  • Must be taken early and often to reduce pounding and fatigue.
  • Must be taken often to allow the primary running/walking muscles to recover fast-even when increasing length.
  • Will also help run/walk faster in the marathon itself.

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