There are an almost unlimited number of different marathon “missions.” Each can enrich your life in a different way, while delivering about the same exhilaration as received the first time.

Over the past 20 years, I must have compared notes with over 50,000 veteran marathoners. A few continue to focus exclusively on running the fastest time they can run, every event.  But almost every veteran even those with over 100 completion medals, will put at the top of the rewards, the unique feeling of satisfaction experienced every time you cross the finish line.

The most important concept you can grasp as  you get into the running lifestyle is that you are the captain of your ship. You’ll get a lot of advice about how you should run and what you should next. Pick a good, conservative program, like the ones in the book,  Jeff Galloway Marathon! and learn to have fun following it. When you take too many elements from too many different types of programs, you can decrease your chance of success and enjoyment. At the same time, a “comp” program will increase your chance of injury.

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