Fat is our biological insurance policy against disaster. It is the fuel your body can use in case of starvation, sickness, injury to the digestive system, etc. We are genetically programmed to hold on to a certain amount of fat and this “set” amount is programmed to increase every year or so. I’ve spend years looking into this topic and talking to experts in the field. 

Many people start running to burn fat. Indeed, my trademarked run-walk-run method will tend to keep runners in a comfortable fat-burning mode longer than any other training method I know. Walk breaks and shuffle breaks not only help you enjoy endurance exercise so you can do more of it. These breaks give you control over the level of exertion, which can help you sustain fat burning for as long as you wish. When the body is conditioned for fat burning, it prefers this as fuel, because of the small amount of waste product produced.

Successful fat burners do three things:

  • Understand the process of fat burning
  • Establish a system to manage the eating (income) side of the equation
  • Set up a behavioral plan to burn fat, including lifestyle and exercise

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