Combining the convenience of online shopping with their 45 years of expertise in shoe fitting, Phidippides is changing how online running shoe shopping works. Worried that you’ll order the wrong shoes online or that your local store doesn’t have consistently knowledgeable staff? The virtual consultation process of Phidippides will make sure that you’ll get shoes that you love. The best part is that the process is free (with purchase of shoes) and the prices are the same as you’ll find online or in a big-box store.

I started Phidippides in 1973 with the goal of helping runners and walkers get the best shoes and apparel available and giving them the tools and support to get active. Since then, we have remained dedicated to those goals while evaluating each advancement in technology to determine if it aligns with our mission. We’ve seen fads come and go, the “popular” shoes change back and forth, and true breakthroughs in shoe technology.

With that history as a background, Phidippides has just launched the next level of their shoe fitting service. No longer do you need to physically be in the Atlanta store to get fit by our experts. Using a live video connection and the new “Phidip ID” fit process, you will ensure that the 5 aspects of your shoe needs and preferences are met, having fun in the process!



The steps are easy:

1 – Make sure that you have a device that’s video-chat capable (Facebook, Facetime, Skype, etc) and an reliable internet connection

2 – Have a place where you can run a few steps (or a treadmill) that is well-lit and able to be viewed from your phone

3 – Gather your latest shoes and be ready to discuss what you have liked and disliked about those models

4 – Be ready to run in your current shoes and any older models you might have, with pants or shorts that do not cover you ankles

5 – You’ll go through the Phidippides “Phidip ID” shoe fitting process – evaluating your needs and desires in the 5 time-tested categories, and get you into a shoe that works with your foot profile

To find out more about the virtual consultation and to sign up, click here

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