Overall, the running motion should feel smooth, and there should be no tension in your neck, back, shoulders or legs. Even during the last half mile of a hard workout or race, try to maintain the three main elements of good form, and you’ll stay relaxed: upright posture, feet low to the ground, and relaxed stride. You should not try to push through tightness and pain. Adjust your form to reduce aches and recovery time.

Tip: If you feel yourself tightening up, talk to the muscles, tendons, neck and back as you make form adjustments. Tell yourself to take a good breath and run like a “puppet on a string.” This conscious act can help shift control to the conscious frontal brain and away from the reflex brain. As you do the “puppet” (or whatever helps you relax), you will be re-programming the reflex brain to do this automatically in the future. It may take dozens of retraining sessions to see this happening.

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