When I get tired at the end of a hard race, I unpack this secret weapon and throw it around someone ahead of me or someone who had the audacity to pass me. For a while, the person doesn’t realize that he or she had been “looped” and continues to push onward while I get the benefit of being pulled along. After a minute or two of mentally projecting myself into this image, I have to laugh for believing in such an absurd notion. When you take charge over the situation by projecting a set of behaviors and acting on them, you activate the conscious brain to take control. Furthermore, laughing activates the creative/resourceful right side of the brain. This usually generates several more entertaining ideas, especially when you do this on a regular basis.

The right brain has millions of dirty and entertaining tricks. Once you get it rolling, you’re likely to receive intuitive solutions to current problems. It can entertain you as you get closer to your finish, step-by-step. Most important, this circuit can empower the legs, feet and muscles to do what they are capable of doing on that day. The result will often surprise you. 

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