One of the very best ways to consolidate the items you’ve learned from exercise is to help someone get started. Not only will you realize how much you have learned, but you’ll see the “big picture” better as you explain the benefits of exercise to a novice. Almost certainly, you’ll enjoy running even more.

The best part of this experience is the inner satisfaction. You’re not only helping someone, you’re also introducing him to an activity that can improve the quality of his life – for the rest of his life.

Running with a friend can improve motivation for both of you. There is a special chemistry in the relationship between someone who is trying to improve health and the quality of life and the person who wants to make the change. Many lifelong friendships are forged during this experience.

Mentors experience a revival in motivation as they stay in touch with the student. As problems are solved, the teacher will often reconnect with the life-enhancing benefits of running, realizing that she had been taking them for granted. On the low motivation day, the more experienced runner will realize during the pep talk that she’s receiving as much from the talk as the novice.

As you explain the benefits of running and the reasons behind the various training elements, you’ll probably learn (or remind yourself of) a number of new things that enrich your own experience. One of the best rewards is to see new runners thrive as they progress.

Running on the more scenic trails gives you an excuse to enjoy running areas you don’t normally visit. These runs are “special treats” that we all need but often don’t do. Mentoring gives you a chance to attend events you like and run with fun groups you haven’t run with in a while.

So call up a friend and help yourself to more enjoyable runs. 


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