Electrolytes are the salts that your body loses when you sweat: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. When these minerals get too low, your fluid transfer system doesn’t work as well and you may experience ineffective cooling, swelling of the hands  and other problems. Most runners have no problem replacing these in a normal diet, but if you are experiencing cramping during or after exercise, regularly, you may be low in sodium or potassium. The best product I’ve found for replacing these minerals is called SUCCEED. If you have high blood pressure (or any issue with electrolytes), get your doctor’s guidance before taking any salt supplement.

Note: It is almost impossible to replace electrolytes with sports drinks during a run. The best time to “top off” electrolytes is the day before by drinking about 3 oz of a product like Accelerade throughout the day. Endurox R4 immediately after the long run has been shown to speed recovery.

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