The “Team” of heart, lungs, nerves, brain, etc.

Very often in professional sports, a group of very talented individuals is defeated by a group of players of lesser ability who play as a “team”. Each of the training elements in a 5K/10K schedule will help you to improve. But when you do them regularly, and blend them into a gradual progression, your overall capacity and performance potential is greater than that produced by the sum of the individual parts.


The heart gets Stronger – like any muscle, the heart’s strength and effectiveness is increased through regular endurance exercise.

The lungs – become more efficient in processing oxygen and inserting it into the blood.

Endorphins (natural painkillers) – reduce discomfort, and give you a relaxing and positive attitude as you push back the threshold of endurance and speed.

The long runs push back your endurance “wall” far beyond race distance.- By gradually extending slow long runs, you train muscle cells to expand their capacity to utilize oxygen efficiently.


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