Almost every long distance runner, including most of those training for the Olympic Trials could benefit from more days off running per week. Age will ultimately dictate how many more days off you will need. If you experience lingering fatigue, aches or pains:

  • Those in their 30’s can get by with two days off per week.
  • In your 40’s… better take three days off from running per week.
  • If you’re over 50, it’s best to shift to every other day.
  • Over 60, go to three days a week.

If you’ve been running six or seven days per week, I’d start by cutting back by one day per week. As the long runs reach 10 miles and beyond, cut one more day out of the schedule. You can actually increase mileage to running days by adding and additional run (if recovery is proceeding well). Alternative exercise can be done on no-running days, but take it very easy the day before:

  • your long one,
  • races and
  • your speed play day.

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