The first step in feeling better is the desire to move forward and embrace fitness. Sure, there are things that can help you make running easier: shoes, clothing, a journal, watches, water belts, sun glasses, etc. As a running store owner, I’m very pleased that runners enjoy these items. But, my advice to beginners is to test the waters gently, while focusing six months ahead. In other words, don’t load up on everything you could possibly need for the rest of your running life until you know you like it. Virtually everyone can feel great after and during a run, and that becomes a greater reward than anything you can buy for yourself. In the book Running-Getting Started, you will see that if you maintain desire for half a year, you are likely to continue running for life and will enjoy it. But…it all starts with desire. One of the liberating aspects of running is the minimal requirements beyond items already owned by most people. In most cases, you can run from your house or office using public streets or pedestrian walkways. You can use ordinary clothing, you don’t need to invest in expensive watches or exercise equipment, and you don’t need to join a club. While running with another person can be motivating, you don’t have to have a partner. Most runners run alone on most of their runs.

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