Photocopy this list so that you will not only have a plan, but you can carry it out in a methodical way. Pack the list in your race bag. Don’t try anything new the day of your race except in the case of health or safety issues. Stick with your successful plan.

Fluid and potty stops – after you wake up, drink 6-8 oz of water, 2-3 hours before the start (or use the plan that has worked for you). In order to avoid bathroom stops, stop your fluid intake according to your time table.

Eat – what you have eaten before your harder runs. Don’t try anything new and avoid problem foods. It is OK not to eat at all before a race unless you have specific issues (such as diabetes), in which case you should go with the plan that you and your doctor/nutritionist have worked out.

Get your bearings – walk around the site to fin where you want to line up and how you will get to the start.

Start your warm up 20-30 minutes before the start. You may only walk to get the legs moving, but please, move those legs for at least 10 m minutes of very gentle motion. If possible, go backwards on the course and preview the start and finish segments about a half a mile each and turn around. This will give you a proviso of the most important parts of your race – start and finish. Use the warm up ritual that has worked for you in past workouts and races. Here is a standard one:

  • Walk for 5-10 minutes, slowly; this may be the only warmup for non-time goal runners, who may use the first two miles as their gentle warmup.
  • Jog slowly for 10 minutes
  • Over the next 15-18 minutes, jog over the start and finish areas. Visualize starting and finishing.
  • Walk around for 3-4 minutes.
  • Time goal runners: do 4-8 acceleration-gliders that gradually increase to the speed you will be running in the race.
  • Get in position and focus on the side off the road where you want to go for your walk breaks.
  • When runners are called to the start, talk and joke with others. Relax.
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