Your “weak link” is currently sciatica.  While this takes a while to heal, almost all of my Ecoach clients who have had this condition have been able to continue training while it healed—even for the marathon.  The key is to stay below the threshold of irritation.  Here are my suggestions based upon healing success.  

1. No stretching

2. Run every other day

3. For 3 weeks, take walk breaks very frequently.  I would suggest 30 sec run/30 sec walk.

4. Sit on a tennis ball each night, for 4-5 minutes.  Roll it in to the trigger point of the sciatica.

5. No fast running for at least a month

6. Run with a short stride, feet low to the ground, light touch of the feet

You’ll find more information in the book Running Injuries – Treatment and Prevention which I wrote with Dr. David Hannaford (available autographed at 

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