Athlete of the Month! Cheri Whitt

I was not a runner prior to 2015,  in 2013 I was hospitalized and was in and out of hospitals for 3 months.  During this time, I’d had a stroke, suffered from renal failure, sepsis and numerous other conditions as a direct result of Ecoli that had developed on...

Modern Day or 490 B.C.E. ???

A ruthless dictator watched carefully as a nearby country transitioned from a more authoritarian government to become a democracy. Much to the dismay of the tyrant, the new freedoms took hold and triggered unrest and uprisings in the tyrant’s very large...

50 Years After Munich

Thirty minutes earlier I had received the key to my room in Olympic Village but after a quick glance and change to workout clothes at my dorm room I was on the athlete’s track—just outside Munich Stadium.  As I jogged around the oval and then accelerated down the...
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