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While running expands or maintains our physical capabilities and stamina at any age, it also activates the frontal lobe – the executive brain.  Studies show that running stimulates activity within this decision-making center, where strategies are developed and problems are solved.  This uniquely human command center can take control over emotional responses coming from the ancient subconscious brain, sort out issues, find creative solutions, and dig down for intuitive strength when needed.

Running has become a symbol of freedom.  Just a few steps into a run and you can be disconnected from phones, texting, computer screens, demanding or aggravating people, and non-productive activities.  You are on your own, self-reliant, self-sufficient, and empowered.  When the pace is not stressful, the time on the run allows for positive thoughts and adaptations to occur. Just knowing that you will be receiving that freedom soon can reduce the stress of the day and improve attitude.

Running changes us.  Studies and personality profiles show that as beginners continue to run regularly without time goals, they become more positive.  As I work with runners, over months and years, they tend to become more “self-starting,” think and talk more honestly, and move on to other positive changes in their lives.  Running triggers a series of circuits inside to gear up, improve capacity, become more efficient, expand awareness, focus, while instilling a sense that stress can be erased or managed, and problems solved.

Magic Mile Testimonials
When I joined the Galloway Training Program the magic mile determined the correct group to train with. At age 54 I completed the Atlanta Marathon at my predicted goal pace of 4:58:38.
Michael, Atlanta
Magic Mile Testimonials
My 6:34 magic mile time predicts my 10k (46:34) and 13.1 (1:42:54) PRs exactly. It provides realistic goals, provided you do the training.
Frank, North Carolina